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Diploma in Information Technology (IT)

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Number of Semesters

2  Semesters Course


Diploma in Information Technology Course was started in our college in the month of July 2012. 

The minimum educational qualification is HS passed. Students will be admitted on the basis of merit. Current intake capacity is 50. 

There shall be 30% marks for internal assessment and 70% marks for theory examination in each paper for the course. The minimum qualification marks for each subject is 40% marks (sum of both external and internal assessment) and the total minimum marks for the course is 280 marks out of 700 marks. The result will be declared as a grading system.

The College has a provision for Internal Assessment of the Students in order to evaluate their performances. The Marks allotted for Internal Assessment shall be 30 and it will be based on the following – i) Attendance, ii) Sessional Examinations, iii) Home Assignments.              

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