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Institution Distinctiveness

Institution Distinctiveness
Central Hub of Students’ Alround Development in the Upper Assam region.

Description of the Distinctiveness: The institution is offering all the possible facilities amidst all challenges and limitations faced by the college. At the same time it has tried its best to enhance abilities of students embedded with knowledge and skill. The college thrives to develop the knowledge and personality of students through student centric methods and ICT tools in the classrooms. Moreover, the college has an academic ambience of developing the following aspects of students which caters to all round development of students.

Professional Skill:  The institution is continuing quality enhancement professional development programmes through online mode for students and teachers. The College is continuing a 100 series of International Conferences and 100 series of international workshops along with e-content for students and teachers. Various ICSSR seminars and workshops, national and international webinars are frequently organised in the college through IQAC and the Departments of the College.

Mental Health Sensitisation: The faculties of the college organises career counselling workshop under the Career Counselling and Guidance Cell. Moreover, workshop for mental health sensitization and personality development of students are also organised through IQAC and concerned departments. The college has a Mental Health Club which organises Mindful meditation and counselling services.

Social Values and Social Responsibility The institution is leading in aspect of engaging students in extension and outreach programmes. The Moran College Students’ Union, NSS unit and various Departments have been continuously conducting cleanliness and plantation drive, flood relief camp, health camp, awareness camps on various social issues, cloth and food distributing activities in the slum areas, blind school where maximum participation of students is noticed.  

Leadership and Administrative Skills The students of the college are given first hand experience of governance and administration and democratic values through organising Moran College Students’ Union election. The College notices large number of candidatures and voters on the election so that it may help career as a good citizen and nation builder. The Departments have Forums and Societies led by the students which gives scope to the students for developing personality and administrative skills.

Cultural and Creative Development The College sensitizes students culturally and religiously through celebrating and organising Brahmaputra Utsav and Luka Kristi Samaroha where students are getting an opportunity to take part in cultural activities and performs dance, songs, drama, mimicry, art, folk instrument. The Departments of the College encourages students to do team work and prepare the Wall Magazines, posters, magazines, newsletter etc.  of the Department.

Critical thinking and communication skills: The Quiz and Debating Forum of the college has been creating a healthy environment for developing critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. The Forum is actively organising different state and inter-college (online and offline) Quizzes and Debating Competitions in the College.

Scientific values and sustainability In an around a radius of 38 km only Moran College is providing degree courses in Science stream. The students of the institution therefore are getting opportunities to excel in the field of science and innovation. The Bio- Tech Hub and Moran College Eco Club gives exposure to students to participate and work for innovation and environmental sustainability. In a way, the students are gathering experiences and developing skills and values in scientific spirit.

Sports and Physical Growth The institution is providing facilities of Sports Playground, Indoor stadium and Swimming Pool to the entire region. As in entire Upper Assam, Indoor Stadium and  Swimming Pool facilities are in Jorhat and in our college only. The college students can very well utilise the facilities in sports purpose. Trainees of the swimming pool has attained skilful training in swimming. As a result they were able to participate in State Level Swimming Competition and win prizes. Moreover, the college provides gymnasium facilities for both boys and girls.          

Outcome of Practice: The evidence of success of the college as a central hub of Upper Assam catering to alround development of students can be justified from the following:
  1. University Rank Holders each year from various Departments.
  2. The College student Niharika Deori, Department of Political Science received India Book of Records Award for her extraordinary skill of art.
  3. Prizes in Youth Festival in Mimicry, Quiz, Guitar and Poster Competition etc.
  4. Certificate of Appreciation for commendable service in the adopted village, Amguri village.
  5. Highest involvement of students in working for Orunodoi Beneficiary Verification Survey under Govt. of Assam.
  6. In the recent years, the college students have been able to crack various job examinations and are recruited in various jobs.
  7. Our students are representing as leaders in various organisations and associations.
  8. The College has a good number of human resources engaged in various activities.
  9. The college students are popular singers, actors and writers of the state.

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