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“Striving for Excellence, Serve with Integrity: Moran College”

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Department Profile

The department of education is an old department of Moran College. It started with four students in 1990. With a single room and limited facilities department had faced many problems but gradually it has been starting its journey with positive attitude of administration and the faculties. Basically Moran College is a rural college and students come from rural areas. Many of the students are not from well-to-do family to bear their minimum cost of education. So the faculties always extend their hand to help him. Department has been doing some innovation work to uplift the students since the year 2000. It was felt that the department needs a platform for their extra-curricular activities in creative and constructive manner. So the Education Forum was formed and proposes to publish a yearly magazine SHRISTI. It was the beginning of the new journey of the department of education. Students of 6th semester are given the responsibility of the editing of Shristi. Every year they have done this work. At the end of their journey at Moran College it is the great gift of the students to the department and Moran College.




To become a leading educational institution that provides high-quality, accessible, and inclusive education to students from diverse backgrounds, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world.




The Education Department at Moran College is committed to providing an innovative, student-centered learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility. Our mission is to:


1. Provide high-quality education that is inclusive, culturally responsive, and relevant to the needs of students and society.

2. Foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity through interdisciplinary and experiential learning.

3. Support and empower students to achieve their full potential by providing academic and personal support services.

4. Encourage and promote research, innovation, and scholarship among students and faculty.

5. Cultivate a community of learners that values diversity, equity, and social justice.

6. Engage with local and global communities to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Through these efforts, the Education Department at Moran College strives to prepare students to be lifelong learners, leaders, and contributors to their communities and the world.

Dr. Purabi Nath



Jyotshna Kaman



Rini Sonowal






Alpana Gogoi Bhuyan



Department Activities

Our E-resources E-initiatives


Department has annual a E-Magazine open for all Students & Faculties

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Department has department library and OPAC with around 300 books.

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Department has an annual Newsletter.

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E-Notice Board

Department has QR Notice Board facility.

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