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About The Campaign

The IQAC, Moran College has taken initiatives towards sustainability for the future generation and saving the earth named as “Fridays for Future”. This campaign has been inspired by global movement #fridaysforfuture led by Greta Thunberg. The movement started in August 2018 for taking strict actions for the climate crisis, to limit global warming and building a better future for the Generations to come. As the movement encourages and welcome everyone the IQAC Moran College has in their own way taken up an agenda of restricting vehicular movement in the college campus every Friday. The college has always supported and taken up initiatives to save the earth and maintain an eco-friendly campus. Celebrating zero emission day the college request all the teachers, non teaching staffs, students to join in the campaign.

Objectives of the Campaign

  1. To encourage teachers, non teaching staff and students to contribute and work towards sustainability.
  2.  To make everyone join in the campaign Fridays for Future i.e no vehicular movement inside the college campus every Friday.
  3. To celebrate Zero Emission Day in the college.
  4. To make everyone realise the rise of climate crisis and global warming.

Possible Outcomes

  1. Faculty, non teaching faculty and students will join actively in the campaign.
  2. The teachers and students will realise the importance of taking strict actions for climate crisis and global warming.
  3.  Everyone in the college will be encouraged to work for saving the Earth.