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Information and communication technology (ICT)


The institution has different IT facilities including smart classrooms, computer lab, wifi facilities, fully equipped conference hall, open access library facilities, CCTV surveillance camera etc. There are 06-smart classrooms, 02-digitally equipped laboratories, 02-computer labs, 01-digitally equipped conference halls. All the departments of the college are provided with computers and other related accessories. For better understanding of knowledge, all the teaching staff use ICT in the classroom. The institution regularly maintains and updates ICT facilities. Two well equipped computer labs are functioning in the institution. The students of the institution have access to the computer lab. The library building and all the Departments are facilitated with Wi-Fi connectivity.


Type of ICT facility Room Numbers Total
    Smart Board + LCD projector + Wi-Fi   Room no 1(Dept of mathematics) Room no 7(Dept of Zoology) Room no 1, 2,3(Dept of Physics) Room no 1 (Dept of Economics) Room no 1(Dept of Education) Room no 1 (Dept of Geography) Digital classroom 1         09
LCD + Wi-Fi Room no 1( Dept. of Assamese) Room no 1(Dept of Botany) Room no 1 (Dept of English) New conference hall     04
Wi-Fi +  Smart board   Library hall   01
    Wi-Fi     Room no 1(Dept of History) Room no 1(Dept of Philosophy) Room no 1(Dept of Political Science)   03


SL. No. ICT Device and Software
1 Desktop PC
2 Laptops
3 Laser or Inject Printer, scanner
4 All in One Printer
5 LCD Projector
7 Smart Board
8 Speaker set
9 Small UPS
11 Document Scanner
13 Windows 10, Windows 7,SOUL 2.0, INFLIBNET etc.

Teachers Using ICT Tools

Year Number of teachers using ICT Number of teacher on roll Year wise Percentage
2017-2018 46 46 100%
2016-2017 47 47 100%
2015-2016 46 46 100%
2014-2015 48 48 100%
2013-2014 48 48 100%

E-Learning Resources

  1. Subscription inN-LIST database, Shodhganga, Researchgate etc.,teachers and students of our colleges can access various research thesis, research papers, E-Books, Videos, PPT, Images, Links and various other etc. useful research ideas.
  2. Library Websites: The library website is provides detail and open access information of college library and E-Resources for freeuse. Link:


SL. No. Particulars of database Remarks
1. URL of N-LIST database
2. e-Journals 6000+
3. e-Books 31,35,000+

Web Link for E-Resources

E-resources and techniques used Link of the relevant documents
Video Clips, Audio Clips
e-Journals, N-List Data Base (6000 Journals, 3135000 BooksAvailable)
Shodhganga- Repository of e-Thesis
National Library, Dibrugarh University