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Institution's Best Practice

Cleanliness & Plantation drives at the adopted village by NSS Unit under special camp.
Establishment of Free Village Library by NSS Unit, Moran College in collaboration
with IQAC at Shramik Nabajyoti Lower Primary School, Amguri Village.
Various Programs Conducted by NSS Unit in Collaboration with IQAC Moran College

Best Practice 1
Title of the Practice: Enlightening Us Enriching All:  Commitment through community service.

Sub title: Community Service through Village Adoption
Objectives of the Practice:
  • To extend community service in the neighbourhood villages through adoption of village.
  • To encourage students in participating in outreach program through National Service Scheme.
  • To develop students as good citizenship of the nation.
  • To enhance social behaviour, social skills and social responsibilities and values.
  • To realise and understand unity, brotherhood and humanity.
  • To bring into practice the objective of equality and equity in education and development.
  • To serve the greater needs of the underprivileged section of people.
The Context: The NSS unit of Moran College in the last five years has adopted two villages namely  Dakshin Borpathar Gaon and Amguri Raidangia Gaon, Charaideo district. The NSS Unit of the college since then has been working successfully to support  the children and adults of the villages. The activities and programmes conducted successfully in the villages:
  • Cleanliness Drive and Plantation Drive: In both the villages cleanliness and plantation drive were organised during special camp and under Swaccha Bharat mission.
  • Free Village Library: A free village library has been set up in Amguri Raidangia village to encourage children and people to read books. The books were donated by students and faculties of the college.
  • Workshops Conducted: Various workshops were conducted in the last five years in the adopted village. Such as workshop on Organic Mushroom Framing, Sericulture Practices, Vermicompost Practices, Bio fertilizer management, Rose Flower Cultivation and Yoga and Self Defence for Children, Fire Safety Mock Drill etc. for benefit of the villagers.
  • Construction: The NSS Unit even tried and worked for construction of village roads connected to the main road by earth filling, construction of culvert etc.Construction of bamboo dustbins and bamboo fencing to cover the saplings that were planted by the students in the village were done.
  • Awareness programme: During Covid 19 pandemic, the NSS Unit distributed masks, sanitizer and food among the villagers of Dakshin Borpather Gaon and aware them on Covid-19. Other awareness programmes such as Tobacco Control and Cancer Prevention was also undertaken.
  • Celebrations: The NSS Day 2018, Fit India Movement 2019, National Nutrition Month etc. were observed and celebrated in the villages. Different cultural programmes and competitions are also organised from time to time in the villages.
Other important programmes related to education and health were also organised in the villages. Problems Encountered:
  • Villagers’ hesitation to come forward and participate in the workshops.
  • Tight schedule of semester classes is an obstacle faced by students to participate and engage in the programmes.
  • Lack of cooperation from the Amguri Raidongia HS school’s principal for our services.
  • Funds provided by the NSS Cell is not sufficient.
  Resources Required:
  • More participation of villagers in the programmes.
  • Active participation of more faculty members of the college.
  • More funds should be provided to conduct more valuable work.

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Best Practice 2
Title of the Practice: Empowering youth leaders for effective administration

 Objectives of the Practice: The College makes this practice with the following aims and objectives in mind:
  • To enhance the leadership skill of students by letting them the opportunity to participate in administrative work.
  • To empower the students by engaging them in various activities and programmes of the College.
  • To provide students with scope for personality development.
  • To provide students with first-hand experience of democratic and decentralized governance and administration.
  • To enhance problem solving skills of the students.
  • To ensure that students become self- reliant and resilient.
  • To provide students with a platform to connect and communicate with national leaders.
The Context: Moran College in the last five years has been thriving to empower the youth of the nation. Keeping in view that the strength of the nation rests upon the youth, the college has been able to create a healthy democratic environment for its students to participate in governance and administration.
  • The Moran College has a democratically elected students’ Union named as Moran College Student’s Union. The voting is conducted by means of electronic voting machines.
  • Candidates from all the departments and different socio-religious-economic backgrounds.
  • The elected union body members function very effectively as follows:
The body conducts its executive meeting with all the secretaries, Department Representative on problems faced by the students of the college. Then the problems are listed out and they prepare a memorandum to be submitted to the college authority. The college authority, IQAC and the student body then holds a meeting while submitting the memorandum and discusses the problems and further steps to be taken. The works that are  approved by the college authority is then entrusted to the respective secretary of the body to be done. The functioning is monitored and supervised by the General Secretary and President of the body. Likewise respective works are entrusted to the different secretaries according to the departments. The progress and completion of the work is informed to the college authority and IQAC. Then it is informed to the students of the college and necessary feedback is taken. To provide information and keep students up to date of their functioning the body has active WhatsApp groups and FacebookPage.
  •  The Union has been successful in setting up a new office for their body, reopening of activities of Swimming Pool which was stopped during pandemic, bringing college indoor stadium under the control of the authority, connection of new generator, cleanliness drive, naming each classrooms, organising various creative competitions, computer education for students, etc.
Problems Encountered:
  • The tight schedule of classes, sessional and final examinations under CBCS curriculum acts as a barrier to students to work accordingly.
  • Sometimes the administration decisions are not according to the needs and decisions of the union body and students.
  • Lack of funds for its functioning.
Resources Required:
  • More faculty participation and encouragement in the functioning of the body.
  • More skill development and vocational and professional courses for the students.
  • More participatory programmes for the students.

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Moran College Student Support & Student Union
Cleanliness drive initiatives taken by students union to clean the college Girls’
hostel premise
Participation of Moran college students in Youth Festival at Digboi
Women’s College accompanied and guided by Student union
Moran College